Appointment Scheduling & Follow-ups

Appointment Scheduling And Follow-ups


Attracting and keeping your patients in service is the most important aspect of any thriving orthodontic or dental practice. We employ the proper techniques to help you get more patients and retain them through patient loyalty and interest. We offer one of the most comprehensive orthodontic and dental appointment scheduling programs available.


Appointment Scheduling 

Patients need to be able to easily schedule an appointment with you in order to obtain the full benefits of your services. That’s why we recommend using a scheduling app to help you and your patients efficiently maximize you operation. Our scheduling application is easy to use and fulfills all the functions you need to keep your day filled.


Appointment Reminders 

Missed appointments can be a real pain sometimes. But the truth is, no patient intentionally misses an appointment – most of the time they simply forget. We can send automatic appointment reminders to patients by phone, text, or email that help them get to their appointments on time.


Follow Up Surveys 

We provide automated custom surveys to enable your patients to provide you with accurate feedback on your business, and on how you can improve and increase patient satisfaction. Are you interested to know more about how you’re doing with your patients and staff? Our surveys are an easy way for you to find out.



Patient review is the best way to create organic recognition on the Internet, but happy patients won’t just go home and review your service without prompting. With our service, your happy patients can review your practice right in your office. We also have a video application that records your patients’ responses and automatically pushes it onto the web. Our survey system allows patients to complete a review in tandem with you custom survey, so you can get the best reviews. 


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With our organized systems and effective communication, the team at Ortho Marketing will build the perfect bridge between your practice and your patients. For more information or to schedule your complimentary consultation, don't hesitate to contact Ortho Marketing today at (914) 788-1555!