Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)


Experienced Pay-Per-Click Management For Orthodontists 

Google AdWords for Orthodontic Practices has shown to be a huge success in the pay per click (PPC) marketing world. Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) does not replace your organic SEO marketing but it shows its own strength and merit in increasing your targeted traffic and creating new patients.

By including Google Adwords in your Orthodontic Marketing strategy you will find results that beat most traditional forms of advertising in terms of costs and effectiveness. A well run and professionally managed Google Ad Words Campaign will allowing you to target who sees your ad and to determine the effectiveness of each ad that is running . If you were to put a typical ad in a newspaper or on TV in your area, you are paying a high dollar amount and selling to everyone, and hoping that who ever sees that ad needs your services. In short, you are paying to sell a product or service to people that have no interest in orthodontics and are not interested in your services. A well run Google Adwords or PPC campaign will only reach people in your desired area who are interested in your Orthodontic services.

Ortho-Marketing will create and manage a Google Adwords Campaign so that your ads are only seen by web users on Google who are actively looking for your specific services, and the best part of running Google Ads is that you only pay when those viewers click through to your site.

Why Google Adwords works for orthodontists is because it provides the ability to target specific services patients are searching for such Orthodontic Services as: Invisalign, Invisalign for Teens, Braces, Braces for Adults, Clear Braces, or practice specific offers.

If you have used Google Adwords before or tried PPC advertising and you haven't seen positive results you will learn why your campaign fell flat as soon as we work with you and we analyze your existing PPC campaigns and then you learn what goes into a successful Google Advertising campaign for an Orthodontist.

To maximize your return on investment (ROI), your AdWords campaign must be setup, managed and analyzed by professionals. Ortho-Marketing can help.. Contact us at 914-788-1555 today for more info. 

Ortho-Marketing is a Google Partner and has shown proven expertise in the following PPC management elements:

  • Research and choosing keywords
  • Proper copy writing for ads
  • Creating custom landing pages for your site attached to each campaign
  • Analyze how your campaigns performance and making strategic adjustments
  • Carry over campaign into different platforms such as Facebook targeted advertising

Google AdWords is an effective tool to bring instant page rankings to your website and promote the name of your practice. However if your website is not also optimized to convert web users to patients you are paying to bring potential new referrals or patients to a dead end.

A successful approach for online marketing starts with your website being built with SEO and patient conversion in mind. Even creating a custom landing page to be attached to your PPC campaign can fall short if the language and call to action on the landing page is not clear and match the answers to the questions your potential patients are asking.

Ortho-Marketing's approach to Orthodontic Marketing mixes paid and organic search engine marketing techniques to not only get eyes on your website, but convert viewers to patients. After all, a good orthodontic website that is designed and crafted for patient conversion and organic SEO results deliver a greater ROI for lower costs, but traditional organic SEO can take much longer to develop.  

What you should know about pay per click advertising for an Orthodontist:

  • Your Orthodontic Practice will only pay for advertising based on the number of times your ad is clicked.
  • Ads are almost always text based so the key word research and the specific wording of the ad play major roles.
  • Your cost per individual click will vary based on popularity of the targeted key words chosen and the area of your audience.
  • We can work with any budget for a Google Ad Words campaign.
  • There are no long term contracts for a Google Adwords campaign.

Ortho-Marketing utilizes Google AdWords for the benefits of:

  • Not being affected by search engine updates and algorithm adjustments.
  • Paying to sell your services to interested audiences only.
  • Ease of marketing time sensitive promotions.
  • Detailed ad feedback through Google’s offered analytics.
  • Instant page one placement.
  • Can set daily budgets to maximize your ad dollar.
  • Shows instant track-able results.

If you are currently running a Google Adwords or PPC campaign or are ready to incorporate your first Orthodontic Adwords campaign to attract new patients, call us today and let's get started 914-788-1555.