Would you like to see 10x the amount of clicks to your website? In today's world, shopping is no longer a linear task. Potential patients are bouncing from website to website trying to make the best decision. With retargeting, you have the ability to advertise directly to that potential patient. Not only that, but you have the ability to advertise to a patient that was already on your website! Be where your patients are! Learn how we can help you get started on with a retargeting campaign to convert potential patients into actual patients!

Here's how our strategic retargeting works:

1. A potential patient visits your website.
2. When they leave your website, our personalized, cutting-edge retargeting serves a “Reminder Ad” to that patient.
3. They click the ad and are returned to your website, increasing your CTR and conversion rate.

It’s that easy, and it’s very successful!

Retargeting & PPC Campaigns for Orthodontists

Still not convinced?

Take a look at these retargeting statistics that will make you want to start a retargeting campaign with us right now:


The success of retargeting (and loss without it) is real, so if you'd like to discuss a retargeting campaign for your practice, don't hesitate to contact our team at Ortho Marketing today!