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FREE Consultation 914.788.1555


We are the experts in our field, like you are in yours. We make it our business to stay up on all the trends, strategies, and technology within the field of orthodontia, so we’re always informed of the best ways to market your practice. Precise planning and execution has enabled us to gather everything your practice needs under one roof, making our follow-through, accountability, and personalized service that much easier. The professionals in our U.S.-based office are ready to work for your practice, so schedule a consultation with Dean at Ortho Marketing (a division of Presentation Multimedia) when you are ready to get the patients your practice needs.

services offered:

Website Design

Optimized Website Design


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing

Reviews and Reputation Management

Email Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns



Dean Steinman has rapidly become the orthodontic marketing expert that orthodontic practices turn to when they want to receive the influx of patients they deserve. His expertise in the digital marketing industry, paired with his knowledge of the field of orthodontia, is what makes him an internationally sought after orthodontic marketer. Dean is not only the President of Ortho Marketing; he is also:

A proud partner of Aligner Insider, an education community dedicated to improving Invisalign practices.

A marketing coach for Aligner Insider, providing professional videos with tips on the best methods to marketing your orthodontic practice.


We started off over 20 years ago offering marketing solutions to various businesses. However, the business that we loved working with the most and the ones we helped achieved superior results, were Orthodontists. After helping several Orthodontists in highly competitive locations achieve the #1 spot on Google’s search engine and seeing them acquire more patients because of this, we decided to focus on Orthodontists.

We have put forth all of our efforts in the Orthodontic industry and the results have been off the charts! Our clients get an amazing ROI (return on investment) and see a dramatic increase in new patients month after month. I love hearing from our clients about how we have made a difference in their practice as a result of our services!

When you get in contact with Ortho Marketing you will always be able to speak with me directly. I like to be personally involved in every project and be hands on with each client individually.

I hope to hear from you soon!


Dean Steinman,