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SEO for Orthodontists

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something every business should familiarize themselves with. SEO for Orthodontists isn’t very different from any other field. Today’s saturated marketplace means that competition is ever-increasing over all fields. Using keywords or terms will go a long way in reaching prospective clients and getting your name out there. Knowing who your […]

Orthodontist Marketing Company

Marketing your business in an always changing, technologically dependent world is no easy task. For orthodontists, we offer you a dedicated service for staying up to date on what’s new and trending in order to best serve your practice. Marketing techniques for orthodontic practices no longer simply rely upon basic advertising for your practice. Best […]

7 Social Media Mistakes Every Practice Should Avoid (Infographic)

Social media is only effective for businesses if it is used properly. Many people make the mistake of just posting without a strategy. Posting content that is irrelevant, using the wrong hashtags, not posting enough, redundant content, etc. Using social media as a marketing tool requires proper research and a bit of planning. Check out […]

How To Successfully Run A Facebook Contest

Our goal at Ortho Marketing is to provide advertising and marketing solutions to dental and orthodontic practices. We specialize in social media marketing including Facebook contests and advertisements. How Can I Reach My Target Audience? When announcing your contest on Facebook, consider boosting your post in order to better reach your target audience. Also, plan […]

Paid Advertising: Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

Facebook Ads Facebook needs no introduction, as it is the highest trafficked website in the world, and an absolute goldmine for dental and orthodontic practices looking to get more new patients (if you know what you’re doing). While having an active Facebook page is important, that’s not what we are discussing here. We’re specifically talking […]

Using Social Media Effectively

Social media can be an extremely powerful marketing tool if used correctly. Are you struggling to grasp the concepts of social media marketing? Here are six important must-dos for a compelling social media marketing plan. Educate Yourself on the Basics of All Social Media Marketing on social media is different for all types of practices, […]

Why Every Orthodontist Needs Live Chat

At Ortho Marketing we understand that times are always changing, and so are the needs of patients. In today’s world we want answers fast and at the click of a button. With live chat, this makes such a demanding task possible by providing 24 hour support. This is a necessary tool for improving your user […]

What To Expect From The Facebook News Feed Update

At Ortho Marketing we specialize in the utilization of social media. This includes adapting to updates and changes to ensure that your practice is always one step ahead of the competition. With the announcement of changes to the Facebook news feed algorithm, practices can expect to have less of their content distributed in the news feed. This […]

3 Important Ranking Factors for SEO

Googles goal is give the user the perfect search results for any given query. Their number one philosophy is to “Focus on the user and all else will follow.” Keeping Googles goal in mind will help you actually BE the best result for the user. Here is a list of things that you may not […]


What Is Retargeting? If you have a smartphone or internet connection, there’s a good chance you’ve done some online shopping this holiday season. The best part of browsing online for what you want is comparing discounts and hunting down deals from competing websites. But during this process, did you notice ads for the item you […]

Setting Goals for Your Practice in 2018

As another year comes to an end at Ortho Marketing, we know that you are setting the bar high for your practice in the new year. And it’s not unusual to set new goals and objectives to achieve throughout the new year. It will help keep you motivated as a business owner, but will also […]

The Holidays are a Great Opportunity for Promotions!

Promotions and contests are not only a good way to get attention for your practice, but they are also a great way to give back to your patients and your community. So what do I do? The joy surrounding the holidays is a perfect time for you to give back.  Though patients are often busy […]

Why doesn’t my video autoplay on Facebook?

As marketers, it is important to know the value of video on social media.  According to Facebook, the total potential video viewing audience on the platform is over 1.7 billion monthly active users.  Using video is a great way to drive engagement with your social media followers and reach a broad audience. We have all scrolled through […]

Are You Celebrating National Orthodontic Health Month?

October is best known as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it is also National Orthodontic Health Month. Are you taking time to celebrate NOHM 2017 with your staff and patients? If you aren’t taking advantage of this month as a way to educate and engage, it may be a missed opportunity! “National Orthodontic Health […]

Social Media & Hashtag Holidays: Why You Should Participate

  Hashtag holidays are an integral part of the digital landscape. Many small businesses are hesitant to participate because they aren’t sure that it’s worth their time or energy, but believe us: it is! If used correctly, the benefits of participating in a social media or hashtag holiday are boundless. Here are a few of the reasons […]

Get Your Gram On: What You Need to Know About Instagram in 2017

Instagram is quickly becoming the most influential social media platform. There are currently over 300 million active users registered to the photo sharing app, including celebrities, businesses, and politicians. If mastered, Instagram in 2017 can prove to be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, but where do you begin? #LETSGETSTARTED: INSTAGRAM BASICS CREATE AN […]

#NationalHolidays and Your Social Media Strategy

You probably already know that social media gives your practice more exposure than ever before, and how you put it to use is the important part. Using a social media strategy calendar is key in marketing your practice, and will assist in taking it to the next level. Having social media ads and showing off your […]

What Does the New Facebook Ad Update Mean for You?

  Since the rise in use of social media is practically undeniable, marketing your practice on Facebook is key to increasing awareness of your business and services. Creating a Facebook ad allows you to advertise to certain users based on their activity on and off Facebook, demographic information, device use information, location, and advertising and marketing […]

What Type of SEO is Right for You?

You may think you know your fair share of best Search Engine Optimization practices but what you might not know is that Local SEO differs some from General SEO. How different could it be? Well there are some elements that they share and some they don’t, but when it comes to the success of your business this […]

Why Should Your Site be Mobile Friendly?

  Its no surprise that now, more than ever, it is so important to have a modern and mobile friendly site design. You may even be reading this blog from your phone right now! If you want your site to appear high in such results, having a mobile-friendly site one of the simplest things you […]

New Instagram Rules and How They Affect Your Photos

How to prevent your Instagram page from getting shut down- Tips for understanding their most important policies Using Instagram is a great way to publicize your practice and gain new patients. However, like Facebook, Instagram’s terms and conditions can greatly impact your account and the photos you post.  Don’t let this scare you from posting, just be […]

4 Ways to Help Your Marketing Company Help You

  So, you’ve decided to hire a marketing company. Smart move (if it’s us at Ortho Marketing, even smarter). But, odds are they can’t do everything without at least a little contribution from your practice. Speaking from the orthodontist marketing company side of things, we want nothing more than to help grow your practice and get […]

How to Optimize Your Videos for Search

  Video content is king right now. In fact, videos are projected to dominate 80% of web traffic by next year. If your practice is taking advantage of this massive opportunity, excellent. But it’s not enough to just make videos – you need to make sure your videos are search engine optimized. Our team at Ortho […]

How to Turn a Negative Review into a Positive Opportunity

  Unfortunately, all orthodontic practices get negative reviews – we’ve all been there. Whether it’s as a result of a misunderstanding or you made a mistake (we know it happens), it never feels good. But a negative review can result in a number of helpful opportunities for your practice if you handle it properly. Our […]

Do URLs Matter and How Do You Craft a Good One?

  Don’t groan and yawn. This may sound like a really boring topic of digital marketing for orthodontists, but URLs are super important for SEO and web traffic. Yes, page URLs do matter, and yes, our team at Ortho Marketing can teach you how to craft good ones. Check it out: THE FORMULA At Ortho Marketing, our […]

4 Issues That Are Holding Back Your Content

  Your internet presence, whether that be social media, blogs, photos, videos, podcasts, etc., should be an ever-flowing stream of creative content. But at Ortho Marketing, we see orthodontist after orthodontist come in with a lot of the same issues. These common problems usually have to do with taking on the task of producing large amounts […]

How to Use Your Orthodontic Technology to Market Your Practice

  One of the most important aspects of marketing is being able to showcase what sets your practice apart from the rest. What will motivate someone to travel 30 minutes to your practice instead of 10 minutes to a more local practice? Although it may not seem like it, your orthodontic technology can distinguish your […]

How & When to Post on Social Media for Your Practice [with video]

  No two social media platforms are the same. Each outlet is geared to target a specific demographic and audience. But to get the absolute strongest reach for your practice, there are certain types of content, days, and times that should be utilized, each different for every platform. Balancing all of that may seem daunting. […]

3 Quick Tips to Help Your Email Marketing Open Rates

  You’ve crafted a beautiful email campaign for your practice. It’s got compelling written content, maybe a video, exciting news, etc. But you’re devastated when no one opens it! At Ortho Marketing, we feel your pain, and we’re here to help. Our team has come up with some great tips to increase your email marketing campaign […]

5 Aspects of Brilliant Orthodontic Homepage Web Design

  As you may already know, your website is no longer an accessory that’s nice to have – it’s a NECESSITY that your practice will suffer without. Think of your website as your storefront: potential patients come in, take a look around, and decide whether your practice is worth their time (and they decide pretty […]

Which Social Media Platforms Are Right For Your Practice?

  With all the new social media platforms popping up every day, it’s so difficult to tell which ones are best for your practice. You can’t exhaust your efforts and money and try them all. Our team at Ortho Marketing has some tips about the best social media platforms for your practice: FACEBOOK As of March 2017, […]

When is the Right Time to Ask for Patient Referrals?

  Referrals are one of the many crucial veins that pumps the heart of any orthodontic practice. Striking a positive rapport about referrals at the right time, in the right mood, is integral to maintaining a positive relationship with your patients. Yes, it’s an excellent way to gain new patients, but if approached incorrectly, or at the […]

The Importance of Call-To-Action for Your Orthodontic Practice

  Unless doing extensive research, many people in search of an orthodontist are not interested in reading pages and pages of information the first time they come to your practice’s website. Instead, they want the simplest steps displayed conspicuously in front of them. For your website, this should be done in the form of a […]

6 Key Elements of a Perfect Orthodontic Practice Blog

  You might not think writing for an orthodontic practice blog is much different than writing for anything else, but, when done right, it absolutely is. As modern-day readers, we are inherently trained to distrust companies of any kind, and breaking through that wall can be difficult for business blog writers. Our team at Ortho Marketing has […]

In the News: Catch Ortho Marketing in The Progressive Orthodontist

  The Progressive Orthodontist is a print and online magazine that strives to build a “community of forward-thinking orthodontists focused on achieving success and balance in today’s changing world.” Our team at Ortho Marketing is happy to be a sponsor of this growing community and provide our marketing services the way only we can. Check out our ad […]

We’ve Launched a Podcast Channel for Orthodontic Marketing

  As experts in the orthodontic marketing industry, we understand that orthodontia can be busy and exhausting. Sometimes you just don’t have time to sit down and read a blog post about how to get great reviews for your practice or why your practice should use Facebook Ads. We thought we’d make it a little […]

Ortho Marketing Video: Why Your Practice Needs Live Chat

VIDEO: HOW LIVE CHAT CAN HELP YOUR ORTHODONTIC PRACTICE Live chat support holds massive amounts of untapped potential for orthodontic offices. This function is growing in popularity due to high rates of patient satisfaction, ease of use for practices, and so much more. Take a look at this video for President of Ortho Marketing, Dean Steinman, […]

Ortho Marketing Video: Reviews for Your Practice

PRESIDENT OF ORTHO MARKETING, DEAN STEINMAN, SHARES HIS ADVICE IN THIS VIDEO ABOUT THE BEST WAYS TO GET REVIEWS FOR YOUR PRACTICE. TAKE A LOOK! If you’re interested in more marketing tips for your practice, or would like to schedule a free consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Ortho Marketing today. The team at Ortho Marketing are the experts […]

Ortho Marketing Practice of the Month: Castilla Orthodontics

  This month’s Ortho Marketing Practice of the Month goes to Castilla Orthodontics! Dr. Ana E. Castilla and her team have been working with us since 2015. Due to her dedication to orthodontia paired with our marketing strategies, her practice has seen noticeable growth! We chatted with her to see what methods specifically have helped her practice. Take […]

Bitmoji: Why it’s so popular and how your practice can use it!

  Psssst! This blog content is available on our Podcast Channel for easy listening. Check it out! Bitmoji has officially embedded itself as a key player in the social media world, especially with Snapchat, and with other platforms as well. Of course, our team at Ortho Marketing understands that with all this new terminology being thrown around, it’s easy to […]

Ortho Marketing Presents: Marketing Videos!

  The Ortho Marketing team is very excited to be entering into a new era of orthodontist marketing videos! We’re going to be making new videos every week providing helpful tips on how to successfully market your orthodontic practice. Our team will cover all the facets of marketing upon we base our marketing strategies, including: Web Design Social […]

Facebook Stories: What are they, and how can I use them for my practice?

  First of all, what on Earth are Facebook Stories? If you’ve never used Snapchat before, we understand how lost you must feel. “Stories”, regardless of platform, are short videos or photos that are only displayed for a designated amount of time, often between two and ten seconds. Snapchat and Instagram are big users of the […]

Trends: Can Virtual Reality Make My Practice Goals a Reality?

  It’s no secret that the demand for visual media in content marketing is going through the roof. Patients are hungry for as much visual content as they can get their eyes on. In the effort to supplement this demand, virtual reality has become a trending marketing tool. But can VR devices be successfully implemented […]

Trends: Bethany Hamilton Damon Smile Emojis

  Back in 2011, Damon Braces published a press release stating that Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton would be endorsing Damon Braces to promote “fast, comfortable orthodontic treatment”. The sub-sequential campaign as a result of the endorsement has done really well for Damon Braces, not only relating kids and teens to a celebrity, but a celebrity who has […]

5 Reasons Your Practice NEEDS Facebook Ads [with Infographic]

  Strategically place your orthodontic practice in front of new, valuable eyes. Track measurable stats. Target the demographics your practice thrives upon. In order to keep up with this ever-developing social platform, Facebook Ads need to be a part of your digital marketing campaign. Check out the infographic below, or set up a consultation with our team […]

Why Should Your Website Offer Live Chat?

  Live chat support holds massive amounts of untapped potential for orthodontic offices. This function is growing in popularity due to high rates of patient satisfaction, ease of use for practices, and so much more. Take a look at these reasons why you need live chat on your website: IT’S CONVENIENT FOR POTENTIAL PATIENTS 73% […]

Successful Orthodontic Social Media Marketing Begins at Your Practice

  With all the fancy features the social media has to offer, we sometimes become too focused exclusively on the “media” side of media marketing. What you post online should reflect what takes place inside the walls of your practice: face-to-face interactions that build lasting relationships with patients and staff members. We understand that many […]

Tips for Shooting Effective Video Testimonials for Your Orthodontic Practice

  Pretty much any article that you read about how to create engaging content for your social media or website, will include at least one segment about the importance of using video for the marketing of your orthodontic practice. That being said, the use of video testimonials is an incredibly effective way to convince someone that’s on the fence about calling […]

Social Media Marketing and Why It Works for Your Orthodontic Practice

  Social media has generated explosive results in marketing just about every facet of business and everyday activity. The NFL now encourages viewers to tweet about the game, and news networks ask viewers to comment on their stories online. Your orthodontic practice can be equally as involved in social media marketing as other industries, so long as […]

4 Ways to Guarantee Emails for Your Orthodontic Practice are Opened

  Yes, social media and website marketing are growing, but email marketing remains a very productive way to market your practice directly to current and potential patients. The vast majority of people check their emails fairly frequently on both mobile and stationary devices. Regardless of what service you use to send your marketing emails, you can make use […]

Tips for Better Social Media Marketing For Your Orthodontic Practice

Social media marketing involves several innovative marketing techniques to bring your goods and services to the consumer but there are also several other ways to bolster your marketing efforts. HERE A FEW TIPS TO HELP GUIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PROCESS: Ask questions to your audience and identify who they really are. Get to know your […]

Social Media Planning for Your Orthodontic Practice

If you haven’t found out already, managing social media for even a small practice can be very time consuming. In order to balance social media and regular work for your practice, it essential to plan each one out properly. If you can afford it, it can be very beneficial to hire a social media expert to manage […]

Benefits of a New Website Design for Your Orthodontic Practice

Website design is a very important part of your practice’s online presence. A website is generally the part of your business a patient will see before ever visiting the office. Potential patients will have done their research, and hopefully (with proper SEO) they will have found themselves on your website. But what good is it to […]

Basic Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Orthodontic Practice

Social media marketing is a great way to grow your practice online. You can also turn interested and loyal customers into passionate fans who really care about your business. Social media marketing can become very time consuming and will yield great results, but a few general rules are as follows. -Use heavy amounts of visual […]

Why Does Social Media Marketing Work For Orthodontic Practice?

Social media marketing as a whole is still a relatively new industry. Social media marketing techniques are being tweaked and new ones are being invented with each passing month. However, business owners, doctors and experts all agree that social media marketing is a very effective strategy to promote business growth and awareness. More and more individuals are creating […]

Why is SEO a Necessity for your Orthodontic Practice

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of attaining higher placement on Google results pages through online marketing techniques such as blogging and creating landing pages. Many people understand what SEO is, but do not understand the critical importance of being visible for online marketing purposes. The vast majority of prospective patients will Google a […]

Instagram Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Instagram is a popular photo sharing website that is very common among younger demographics. On instagram you should share useful infographics and images of your business. Include all new developments such as photos of a new product or service you are offering. However, aside from using Instagram as a photo sharing website there are also many other important […]

How to Create Interesting Content that will Draw Followers for Your Orthodontic Practice

Content marketing is continually being seen as the new manner in which people market their business online. Social media marketing utilizes content marketing as a way to visually connect consumers with your business. For better content marketing, be sure to do the following: -Write keyword rich headlines and titles that will cause people to want to open […]

Tips for Better Customer Relation Strategy on Social Media for Your Orthodontic Practice

Social media functions as an open forum of discussion between a business and its customers. Or in the case of an orthodontic practice, a discussion between doctor and patient. On this open forum, patients very often will voice concern, complaints or distaste for various aspects of the practice. This is where having a customer relation strategy […]

Steps to Rebrand Your Orthodontic Practice

Making your business unique and individual is essential to developing a strong community. As a business evolves and grows, the state of your business may no longer reflect what you had originally branded your business as. This could be a clear sign that the time has come to rebrand. A rebranding of your business is […]

Top 5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social media marketing for business can be a little tricky especially if you aren’t too sure how to do it. A few mistakes can still land your business in worse starting ground than when you started. This is why it is very important to outsource with a professional like Ortho Marketing Pros. Since many individuals have […]

Why SEO is an Essential Investment for Orthodontic Practices

  Plain and simple, SEO is essential for online visibility and marketing. Nearly every person will Google a practice that provides a certain service before ever actually using that practice. Most consumers will look at all the businesses that can be found on the first page of Google, and decide from there. If your business populates on […]

Importance of Scheduling Posts on Social Media- Orthodontic Practices

On Social Media, consistency is very important when scheduling posts and building consumer engagement levels. Of course good content and interesting posts is a good place to start, but creating a scheduled regimen to your content will only make things better. If consumers are engaged enough, they will tune into social media to see your scheduled posts […]

Twitter Marketing Tips for Your Orthodontic Practice

Twitter has become the most common social media site for small business marketing. A properly managed Twitter account can really create an abundance of growth for your business. Here are a few tips to create more successful Twitter marketing for your business. 1.) Share valuable content through links, but always incorporate your own voice to comment on these […]

Refresh Your Orthodontic Practice with a New Website Design

Like a store owner would refresh their storefront every so often, you must refresh your website design as well. Old websites reflect negatively on your practice’s because it can appear as though your business is behind the times and not truly competitive. Even worse is a website that is hard to use because it will often turn […]

What NOT to Do when Attempting SEO: Orthodontic Practices

SEO can be tricky to perform on your own, and it can be easy to make mistakes once you are starting out. This, of course is the reason why you should outsource to an agency like Ortho Marketing Pros before you even start and possibly damage your online presence. So, when attempting to improve your performance and placement […]

How To Improve Customer Loyalty Over Social Media for Your Orthodontic Practice

Social media is unquestionably an open forum for all of the public to see. On social media, your business can garner a significant reputation. As a responsible business owner, you must manage this reputation as responsibly as possible. Aim on building consumer loyalty to create a group of followers who are passionate supporters of your practice. […]

Why your Social Media & Website Must be Distinctive for Your Orthodontic Practice

All marketers know that is essential to brand a small business with a distinct personality for marketing success to occur. Not only should your content and graphics define the style of your practice- you should also have a distinctive style of writing that will reflect you in some way. Let your writing reflect you. It’s okay to […]

Steps to Successful Facebook Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Facebook can be a very strong platform for online marketing if done correctly. Unlike Twitter, on Facebook you can write long posts with tons of links and information to market your business. To create successful and professional marketing for Facebook, follow a few of these simple steps. -Use fresh and varied kinds of content. Some businesses will […]

Social Proof and Acceptance on Your Social Media Pages

  Social proof and acceptance among humans has been entrenched in our society since the dawn of time. Your Orthodontic Practice needs to incorporate this idea into yoursocial media pages. On social media, your business builds followers by connecting with customers. Of course, this action is essential in marketing your business to individuals. However, you cannot […]

3 Tips to Have Better Email Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Marketing is all about making connections between a business and an individual. Email is still one of the leading methods for a practice to contact a potential patient. To become a master at email marketing, you can start by following a few simple tips… 1.) Differentiate yourself from spammers. How? Be authentic and use your real name […]

Mobile Marketing for Orthodontic Practices

Mobile marketing is far more important than many business owners believe. Simply put, to have the greatest marketing success you want to connect with your customers on the devices they use the most often- their mobile phones and tablets. Your orthodontic practice would certainly benefit from effective mobile marketing that would enable your practice to connect with people […]

Social Media Marketing & Analytics for Orthodontic Practices

Since so many practices have taken to advertising and marketing on social media, Analytics applications that record traffic, engagement and other information have become extremely popular. When using social media primarily as a marketing tool, these analytics are particularly useful. You will be able to decipher whether each marketing endeavor is successful based on viewing web traffic and […]

Using Social Media to Build your Email List for Orthodontic Practices

  Social media is stronger than ever. Thousands of new accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are being created every single day making these platforms outstanding marketing opportunities. By connecting with many individuals over social media, you can build your email list and broaden your marketing reach. To acquire those emails that are vital to your […]

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Aside from being an important professional network that all doctors should be active on, LinkedIn provides great marketing opportunities as well. First, if you do not have a profile, make one. Make as many worthwhile connections as possible. Then, join LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to the orthodontic industry. In the groups, look at various discussion topics and see […]

Why Facebook is the Best Platform to Target an Audience for your Orthodontic Practice?

  Many orthodontic practices across the United States wish to build an audience of specific, targeted consumers. These individuals will have generally demonstrated a liking to a certain good or industry, and are more likely become a patient. On social media, businesses should always aim to build followers but take quality of followers into account. Aim […]

Brand Your Orthodontic Practice for Success

Every successful business has a brand image in some way or another. Some of these “brand images” are far more subtle than others but nonetheless there is a brand image that contributes to success. A recent survey was conducted by a consumer loyalty consultant group called Brand Keys. Their goal was to determine the most […]

Why Your Orthodontic Practice must go SOCIAL

  Gone are the days where consumers acted as one big party with a single voice. Social media now allows every consumer has an individual voice and ability to post on a business’ page. Consumers are no longer passive recipients of a goods and services, business and consumers are now closer than ever before. Your Orthodontic practice […]

Four Actions on Twitter That Will Hurt Your Practice

  Twitter, like all social media is essentially a public forum. Everyone can see what you say, and very often you need to keep that in mind when making a post. At times, some of the stuff put on Twitter can actually be very damaging for your business. Here are four Twitter mistakes that will only […]

Gaining Customers Over Social Media for Your Orthodontic Practice

  Social media provides a unique interface for businesses and practices to interact with patients on a very direct basis. All good practices should try to capitalize on this ability by engaging their patients directly. So, how do you gain new patients over social media? 1. Reach out to existing customers directly, and turn them into […]

Social Media Daily Tasks for Orthodontic Practices

  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ all great places to start for your business on social media. However, having lots of accounts can be hard to manage and keep up with. Here is a short list of a few Daily Tasks you must perform to keep up with your accounts. -Reply to any messages, comments or concerns voiced […]

Content Marketing Through a Blog for Your Orthodontic Practice

Content marketing is unquestionably a contemporary idea being thrown around by a ton of businesses today. Experts are always saying that content marketing is essential in building an online brand identity via company website or social media. However, not many people talk about how to make content marketing work. First, you must have a plan to create successful […]

SMS Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Nearly every American has a mobile device that they use very, very frequently. SMS Marketing or Text Message Marketing is highly effective for short term marketing. What does short term marketing mean? Keep it short in both length of the text message, and time frame of the text message. Do not send a text about something that […]

Social Media Crisis Mangement Tips for your Orthodontic Practice

Like it or not, social media is a public forum. Although it is essential for your practice to be on social media, there can sometimes be some unintended negative consequences. Since social media is a live and ongoing forum, consumers will comment on various crisis’ within your business as they pan out. As a diligent medical professional […]

4 Items to Share on Social Media for Your Orthodontic Practice

  1.) Share news related to your practice and industry. For example, you could make a post about a new state of the art x-ray machine that your practice just purchased. Make sure that your posts always pertain to your industry, or else it will appear you are posting just whatever is of interest to […]

3 Content Marketing Tips for Your Orthodontic Practice

  1.) Use Images Very Frequently. While much of SEO is based on text that search engines can process, visual content is much more appealing for human readers. Audiences are naturally wired to be more engaged with visual content, as 90 percent of the information that comes to the brain is visual. A survey of […]

Build User Engagement with Your Orthodontic Blog

No matter how interesting your blog is to you, it is essential that you create user engagement with your readers. -Create valuable content.Your customers are evaluating your brand through your website every minute. Reward them with high value content for visiting you. Gone are the days when content was king. Today, great content rules the […]

Trouble Finding Your Orthodontic Practice on Google

If not then you need to take action for your practice’s SEO program? Don’t worry there is always hope to grow your practice’s online social media program! Here are some tips. 1. Know what SEO Success Looks Like Google has hundreds of algorithms that it uses to sort the mountains of noise and data that blasts […]

How To Create Interesting Content for Your Orthodontic Practice

Hopefully, your practice is already making good use of online marketing efforts. Online content marketing is an important and effective way to build your practice online. The key to content marketing is of course, the quality of CONTENT you produce and use. It can be hard to generate interesting and worthwhile content that will actually […]

SEO and Building the Audience for Your Orthodontic Practice

  There is no question that prospective patients have and will continue to search for you practice through online search engines. Rarely will a patient ever go to your practice without first searching for your practice online. The question is, will these prospective patients find your practice easily when they search for you? To be […]

Why Should Your Practice Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?

Want the best for your Orthodontic practice? There is no question that social media is becoming one of the most important and fastest growing forms of marketing. Simply put, it is essential for your business to have social media pages to boost growth. Many orthodontists already have experience with social media through personal accounts, but very often […]

3 Reasons Your Orthodontic Practice Should Have an Online Poll

  Online polls through external survey websites or through social media are becoming more popular business tools by the day. In order to ask important questions to your customer base, your orthodontic practice should make use of an online survey. Facebook already has the ability for Page Admins to create a survey, and you could also use one of […]

3 Tips to Increase Website Traffic for Your Orthodontic Practice

  Are you concerned that too few people are spending time on your website? Even if your orthodontic practice’s website is masterfully designed, you still need to bring prospective patients to the website. Here are three tips that aim to increase your website’s web traffic and ultimately convert more people into patients. 1.) Use social […]

Email Lists for Orthodontists: Quality over Quantity

  Email lists are a very important aspect of managing your patient base. An effective email list will routinely touch base with your patients informing them of any changes or developments within the practice. The effectiveness of an email list is largely based on how the emails in that list were acquired. The email list should not […]

Bad Online Reviews? 3 Tips on How to Recover

  Due to the increasing popularity of businesses creating social media pages a lot of typical customer service function has moved online. Questions, comments and complaints are often voiced through social media. Since the majority of patients will typically search a practice before ever going there, online reputation is very important. If your business has bad reviews, […]

Three Rules for Social Media Posts for Your Orthodontic Practice

As an orthodontic practice, the line of work is not particularly exciting nor engaging. Social media can be used to give your practice a modern and engaging atmosphere. When you do post on social media, be sure that your posts adhere to the four following guidelines. 1.) Engage Your Patients. Talk to your patients about upcoming developments […]

Social Media Marketing for Orthodontic Practices

  Not only has social media transformed the way virtually all consumers communicate, social media has also become a thriving center for free online advertisement. Every business should adapt to modern consumer behavior and begin marketing and growing your business through social media. As an orthodontic practice, there is a unique strategy to create a […]

Mobile Websites & Marketing For Orthodontic Practices

  75% of consumers prefer a site accessible from a mobile device, and 48% of users have become annoyed with sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. While having a successful online website is essential, having an additional mobile site only optimizes your practice’s online marketing presence. More and more consumers are turning to their smartphones […]

Web Design for Orthodontic Practices

  All orthodontists take pride in the appearance of their office, so why not take pride in the appearance of your website as well? A clean, organized and modern office reflects a successful and professional practice. Today, a greater number of patients will visit your website before they ever visit your office. Your practice’s first […]

Mobile Ready Websites Are A Necessity

Is a Mobile Ready Website imperative for your Orthodontic practice? Of course! While it used to be a luxury, now it has become absolutely necessary. Almost everyone has a smart phone these days and it makes it easier to view your website on one if it is optimized for a mobile phone (Mobile Ready). After […]

Is Your Website Getting Traffic?

  Any good Orthodontic website is pretty much useless if nobody is actually visiting it. In the business world, there is always going to be competition. Do you want FIRST page visibility in search engine results? Of course. This means that your practice will come up on the first page of Google searches! With the […]

Google+: An Important Orthodontic Marketing Tool

  The use of Google+ for Orthodontic practices is extremely useful in marketing your services. Google+ creates “circles” of people, similar to “friends” on Facebook or “followers” on similar social media networks, such as Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Not only can you be in a person’s circle(s), but you also have access to their gmail […]

Facebook Marketing Boosts Referrals Ten Fold

  Don’t think that Facebook is important for your Orthodontic practice? Think twice. Facebook is currently the most popular form of Social Media available and while most Orthodontic patients are teenagers, so are most Facebook users. Let us help you take advantage of this no-brainer marketing tool and maximize your referral potential today! Ortho Marketing […]

SEO for Your Orthodontic Practice

THERE IS A LOT OF TALK IN THE MARKETING WORLD THESE DAYS ABOUT SEO, BUT JUST WHAT IS IT? Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping a website rank higher on search engines. Every day, millions of people search online for all types of information, including orthodontic practices in their area. Rarely do people come […]

Pinterest Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

The social media marketing and bookmarking site Pinterest has grown at an incredible rate since its launch in March 2010. Interestingly enough, the social media site is seeing more health-related searches now than ever before, according to Pinterest spokesperson Lisa Israel. This includes dentistry and orthodontic searches, which is something your orthodontic practice should absolutely take advantage […]

Marketing for Orthodontic Practices

In the ever-changing climate of Social Media Marketing and internet marketing for the Orthodontist, it can be a daunting task to keep up with the newest trends, platforms and options for Orthodontic practice marketing. Marketing for an Orthodontist is now more than placing a simple ad announcing your practice. But don’t let the idea of a widespread […]