Expert Retargeting Ads for Dentists & Orthodontists

Mastering Retargeting Ads for Orthodontists and Dentists

In the increasingly competitive dental industry, digital marketing is no longer a luxury but a necessity. One of the most effective digital marketing strategies to reach potential patients and maintain top-of-mind awareness is through retargeting ads. In the fast-paced world of retargeting ads for orthodontists and retargeting for dentists, Ortho Marketing is your trusted partner.

Reach your target faster
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Why Retargeting Ads Matter

Consider this – nearly 98% of website visitors do not convert during their first visit. In a landscape crowded with dental practices, retargeting ads for dentists are essential to remind potential clients of the unique services they can provide. Retargeting Ads, or remarketing, is a technology-driven strategy that allows businesses to display targeted advertisements to users who have previously visited their website. These ads appear when users browse other websites, apps, or platforms, keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds. They may employ strong visual components like dental display ads or even incorporate dental marketing videos.

Our Retargeting Services Include

Mobile-Ready (Optimized) Websites
Social Media
Original Content

Unlock the Power of Retargeting Ads with Ortho Marketing

If you have been Retargeted properly, your first reaction when you are being Retargeted is “wow, how did they do that?” You will ask yours

The retargeting ads for orthodontists and retargeting ads for dentists that we design serve a clear purpose: to capture your potential patients’ attention and bring them back to your website. As experts in retargeting, Ortho Marketing provides strategic retargeting solutions tailored to your practice’s needs. We specialize in tracking each visitor, adding them to a specific audience, and following up with highly-targeted ads across the web to drive them back to your website.

Through our strategic Facebook retargeting for dentists, we’ll give you the second chance to make an impression, increase your click-through rates, and lower your acquisition costs. Our larger clients have experienced impressive results when retargeting is used as a strategic component in their overall marketing campaigns including retargeting emails for dentists or orthodontists.

For insightful resources on digital marketing strategies for dental practices, you might want to explore our dentist marketing blog and catch up on the latest dental industry news, “how are my website visitors seeing my logo, brand or ad all across the internet?” The answer is, this is the results of well created and managed Re-targeting campaign that can take your results to the next level. With that said, retargeting is not for every campaign, and often requires a minimum media budget of at least $400 to $1,000 per month (depending on the industry and your goals) to be effective. Our larger clients and have seen very compelling results when retargeting is used as a strategic component in an overall marketing campaign.

Ads that make people smile should be seen again...and again, and again!

How Ortho Marketing Enhances Your Retargeting Strategy

Beyond dentist retargeting ads, we provide a full suite of services including website design and programming, mobile-ready websites, social media integration, blog feeds, content management, and original content development.

Whether it’s creating dentist retargeting ad copy that makes people smile or integrating dentist Facebook ads with your retargeting campaign, our team ensures all elements are designed to work together seamlessly. Moreover, we believe in the power of content. Not only do we create engaging and relevant ad content, but we also ensure your website is filled with valuable content that appeals to your visitors. For a sneak peek into our successful campaigns, check out our dental marketing case study.

The Impact of Retargeting Ads

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, retargeting ads for dentist practices focus on individuals who have already expressed interest in their services. This approach significantly increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts as potential clients are constantly reminded of your services and brand, thereby nurturing their interest and guiding them towards conversion.

To further enhance your online presence, you can also explore additional services such as Dental PPC, dental SEO, and dental social media posts. Each of these strategies plays a role in elevating your practice’s online visibility.

Although we’re headquartered in Peekskill, New York, we proudly extend our industry-leading retargeting services to clients across the United States and in Canada. We have a proven track record in providing top-quality retargeting solutions, helping dentists and orthodontists boost their brand visibility and conversion rates.

Check out our portfolio of dental website developers and see how we’ve helped dental practices establish a strong digital presence. We also specialize in dental branding and dental advertisements to ensure a cohesive brand identity across all marketing efforts.

Ortho Marketing: Your Retargeting Partner Across Borders


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Retargeting is a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal, but its success lies in strategic implementation. At Ortho Marketing, we don't just offer services – we offer solutions. Let's collaborate to create a retargeting strategy that elevates your practice to new heights.