Brand Your Orthodontic Practice for Success

Every successful business has a brand image in some way or another. Some of these “brand images” are far more subtle than others but nonetheless there is a brand image that contributes to success. A recent survey was conducted by a consumer loyalty consultant group called Brand Keys. Their goal was to determine the most patriotic brand in the USA in light of the 4th of July. The survey found that Jeep, a subsidiary of the automakers Chrysler, was the most patriotic brand in the United States. Many found this an unsurprising result because Jeep has a rich history in the United States first making its appearance as a military vehicle in World War II to a very popular SUV brand. Jeep even names a few of its models highly American sentiments such as the “Liberty” “Patriot” or “Commander.”

Jeep surely does offer some nice vehicles but with certainty, the brand image that Jeep has created as an all-American patriotic car brand has greatly aided in its success.

Use Jeep as a model of success that was sparked dude to successful branding. Jeep found their niche in producing capable, 4×4, off road worthy SUV’s and branded themselves even further as all-American car makers.

Use social media, logos and design elements to brand your practice whatever way you believe would create the most conducive environment to succeed. Keep your brand image consistent and positive so your consumers can create a good connection with your brand. For even more information on social media marketingweb design or graphic design for your business, contact Ortho Marketing Pros at (914)788-1555.

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