Four Actions on Twitter That Will Hurt Your Practice

Twitter, like all social media is essentially a public forum. Everyone can see what you say, and very often you need to keep that in mind when making a post. At times, some of the stuff put on Twitter can actually be very damaging for your business. Here are four Twitter mistakes that will only hurt your practice.

1. Don’t participate in negative conversations. Calmly responding to a complaint is necessary and important but never begin throwing insults at your patients. Its a losing battle. If you show an exorbitant amount of negativity on social media, your customer base will look at you much less favorably.

2.Don’t tweet too much. If your tweeting more than once every fifteen minutes for several hours on end, its too much. If your tweets are dominating someone’s feed, no matter how interesting your content is, they will still un-follow you.

3. Don’t be unfocused. Don’t send out any meaningless tweets especially if its a business account. Its great to cultivate a rounded Twitter account but not having any focus can make you appear unfocused. It also hinders your ability to brand yourself as an expert in the field because true experts don’t talk about meaningless daily tasks.

4. Over hash tagging. Just hash tag relevant concepts to that tweet. You don’t need to reuse every hash tag relevant to your industry, just use the ones that pertain to your specific tweet. Make sure that you always use intelligent hash tags as well. Have your hash tags be relevant and worthwhile not just funny quips about a topic.

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