Google+: An Important Orthodontic Marketing Tool

The use of Google+ for Orthodontic practices is extremely useful in marketing your services. Google+ creates “circles” of people, similar to “friends” on Facebook or “followers” on similar social media networks, such as Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Not only can you be in a person’s circle(s), but you also have access to their gmail address, which adds a personalized feel to the network. People in your “circles” become your “+1s”.

Within your circles you can share specific information with these people (your +1s) that won’t be public to the rest of the online world. You can even have some of the same people in different circles if you wish to. For example, a hypothetical person could be a close friend, with whom you also work with. You would include this person in your “friends” circle and also in your “work” circle, kind of like a venn diagram. You can then update your friends about what you’ll be up to that weekend without also alerting your boss, which would be considered unprofessional in most fields.

However, Google+ was created with the idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at its forefront. By using Google+ and other forms of social media, you are improving your search presence in a big way. Google+ currently has 359 million members. The more circles that you’re in, the more +1s that you have and the circles they are in, the higher up on a Google search your business will be.

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