Keep Your Doors Open With Virtual Consultations

By now, most Americans realize that social distancing might be the new normal thanks to coronavirus. Some medical experts suggest we could be distancing ourselves from each other for months, rather than weeks.

Distancing ourselves is an effective strategy to slow the spread of the virus. For example, after locking down public movement in China since January, restrictions are now beginning to ease up again. Thankfully, the cases of infections subsided after initially overwhelming hospitals.

Seeing fewer patients can keep hospitals running more efficiently in these crazy times. In addition, healthcare providers, like orthodontists, are adapting to seeing fewer patients in person. However, there are ways that dental specialists can still connect with patients all year.

Reach Out to New Patients With Virtual Consultations

As many parents and teachers confront learning how to work together remotely, orthodontists and other healthcare providers must do the same. Fortunately, there’s an app for that, developed especially for dental providers.

After Ortho Marketing’s extensive research, we have chosen to partner with SmileSnap for Virtual Consultations, allowing us to provide a great solution. Now, you can keep your doors open to new patients by taking advantage of the SmileSnap platform.

The SmileSnap interface allows new patients to take an Online Smile Assessment. After answering some pre-qualifying questions, they can take photos of their teeth to send to you for your professional assessment.

After the virtual consultation, prospective patients are well-informed and ready to begin treatment at a later scheduled time.

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Healthcare That’s Always Accessible

Now more than ever, providing virtual consultations is essential. However, the SmileSnap platform makes it easy to provide accessible healthcare for anyone all year long. So, long after we have overcome the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll likely want to keep providing the Online Smile Assessments.

We’ve seen many dental specialists successfully use the platform to reach out to new patients. It’s easy to use and convenient for people to access in the comfort of their homes. Plus, the process answers many questions and encourages people to take charge of their oral health.

It’s a win-win situation for dental specialists and patients alike.

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