We’ve Partnered With Startaloo to Help You Reach More Patients

Now, more than ever, dental specialists must utilize the latest technology to stay competitive. As always, Ortho Marketing researches the best new software and techniques out there so our clients can see better results.

Recently, Ortho Marketing was excited to introduce a special offer for virtual consultations. Now, our President, Dean Steinman, is excited to introduce a partnership with Startaloo, software created by orthodontists, and treatment coordinators. (TCs)

Virtual Assistants Who Turn Leads Into “Starts”

With startaloo, your busy TCs can work with a team of virtual assistants, trained to follow-up with pending patients. Note: The virtual assistants are employees fully-trained in best practices for following up with patients, not robots.

With full transparency and your complete customized control, they help your TCs maximize the rate of pending patients who go on to improve their smiles at your practice. Thus, instead of falling through the cracks and possibly seeking help elsewhere, they “start” their business with you.

Reach More New Patients While They Stay at Home

Listen to Ortho Marketing’s Dean Steinman, Todd Witkin, and the founder of Startaloo, Dr. Anthony Bonavoglia, discuss this exciting new technology in the podcast below. Dr. Bonavoglia explains how he came up with the idea to help orthodontists and treatment coordinators streamline communication with prospective patients. (Hear the podcast below)

Steinman and Bonavoglia also talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, and how Startaloo and virtual consultations and exams are helping orthodontists today. The virtual platform helps reach out to lots of new patients while they stay safe in the comfort of home.

Unfortunately, patients can’t come to see their orthodontist while social distancing and quarantines are in effect. However, virtual consultations help give prospective patients the information and motivation they need to get started with treatment at a later scheduled time.

How Startaloo Helps

As Dr. Bonavoglia notes, technology like Staraloo will help orthodontists and dental professional rebound after the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

“I think when we open back up, I think we’re going to be busy. I’m hopeful that’s the case, not just with our current patients, but with new patients who are ready to start. I just think practices are going to have to be maximally efficient to manage that and not have missteps where you are losing out,” said Dr. Bonavoglia.

“One of the things that we found over the years, and that’s why we added a virtual assistant to our software, is that practices, for the most part, really struggle with the follow-up communication to patient exams.”

With the virtual assistant, you can stay focused on the growing numbers of patients in your office.

“For us, being able to not have to worry about follow-up for all these patients is just a big burden lifted off my treatment coordinators so they can stay focused on the higher volume of patients that are coming into the office.”

Stay Competitive With the Latest Technology and Data

The Startaloo interface’s flexible, customizable, and robust system allows you to follow up 100 percent with every patient. Plus, thorough data provided by the software can give your practice another competitive advantage. For example, you can maximize your marketing campaigns by seeing specific patterns in your customer base.

Listen to the podcast to find out how Dr. Bonavoglia thinks technology will change orthodontic practices in the future and how he’s confronting the latest news.

“Unless we start embracing new technology, I think practices are going to struggle to continue to thrive the way they have in the past,” said Bonavoglia.

“I couldn’t agree more,” responded Steinman.

Ortho Marketing believes that Startaloo can be a game-changer for your office. You can see a ten to 15 percent boost in pending patients who decide to start treatment.

For more information, you can schedule a demo here. You can reach Dean Steinman and the experts at Ortho Marketing at 914.788.1555.

Listen to the podcast below: