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Switch to virtual consults and continue to grow your business while much of the country remains closed due to COVID-19. Now is the perfect time to adapt to a future where teledentistry is essential, and some social distancing could continue until 2022.

Although you may not be able to see new patients in person, new technology allows you to reach out. Thus, it’s the perfect time to incorporate technology into your practice. With our help, it’s easy and effective!

Today, dental practices that use this time wisely will have an edge over the competition. It’s not time to lose focus. Rather, you can continue consulting with and scheduling prospective patients as they spend more time online.

Then, when social distancing is over, your practice will be stronger than ever.

Reach Patients Spending More Time Online

Today, millions of Americans are spending much more time online at home. For many, it’s a rare chance to slow down and focus on self-improvement goals. Of those goals, many will consider ways to improve their health.

That’s where you come in. Many people who have always been curious about seeking treatment now have the time to make plans. With virtual consultations, you can answer important questions, such as:

  1. What kind of treatment may work for their smile?
  2. What can they expect as far as cost and treatment time?
  3. How will treatment benefit them?

By answering questions like these, prospective patients will be fully informed and motivated to begin treatment. Also, you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that a better future is ahead, with appointments lined up on your calendar.

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Watch our video below for more on reaching the millions of people spending more time online today:

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