Marketing for Orthodontic Practices

In the ever-changing climate of Social Media Marketing and internet marketing for the Orthodontist, it can be a daunting task to keep up with the newest trends, platforms and options for Orthodontic practice marketing. Marketing for an Orthodontist is now more than placing a simple ad announcing your practice. But don’t let the idea of a widespread Orthodontic marketing campaign scare you. The marketing experts at Presentation Multimedia are here to help you through the entire process to create a successful marketing campaign for your Orthodontic practice.

One of the main points in marketing an Orthodontic practice is to focus on your existing patient. How do you keep your existing patients engaged and continuing to use your practice, while at the same time reach new patients? Making your dental practice and the array of services that you offer stand out in the community is critical for any Orthodontic practice to be successful. Every marketing campaign should include more modern methods of marketing, such as internet and Social Media Marketing. Specifically, your practice must have a very active and up to date social media campaign featuring Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and blogs. Not only are these social media methods very affordable, they are also highly effective.

A critical component of marketing your orthodontic practice includes a professional, well-designed and informative website. This website should help new patients to learn more about your dental practice and give them much needed information such as patient registration options, map and directions, phone numbers and more. Our professional staff of web developers can create a aesthetically pleasing and informative website for your orthodontic practice. This website can also help existing patients to communicate with you and your staff.

Presentation Multimedia offers your orthodontic practice exclusive coverage in your area, which allows your practice to stand out above the rest of your competitors. Presentation Multimedia has a dedicated team of experts in website design and development as well as Social Media Marketing that are here to help your orthodontic practice’s Social Media Marketing campaign succeed. Contact Presentation Multimedia today at (914)788-1555 to discuss the possibilities.