Pinterest Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

The social media marketing and bookmarking site Pinterest has grown at an incredible rate since its launch in March 2010. Interestingly enough, the social media site is seeing more health-related searches now than ever before, according to Pinterest spokesperson Lisa Israel. This includes dentistry and orthodontic searches, which is something your orthodontic practice should absolutely take advantage of.

The best way to think about Pinterest is that it’s a sort of digital wish list, or a to-do list. Users “pin” images and articles found online to their digital boards, eventually creating virtual “scrapbooks” of what they want, need, are interested in, and more. Pinterest members also follow each other and comment on pins and scrapbooks, so in that sense it’s similar to other Social Media Marketing platforms.

How can you use Pinterest marketing for your orthodontic practice?

A good place to start is by sharing photos of your practice. You should encourage your team members to do this as well, increasing your practice’ reach. On of the most effective strategies for marketing purposes, would be to share before and after photos of your work and orthodontic treatments. Teeth-whitening and braces are very popular dental “pins” on Pinterest, so it helps to showcase your work. Also, share photos of your office to market the accessibility and welcoming atmosphere of your practice.

This is really just the beginning, though. Pinterest is capable of increasing the reach of your dental practice marketing efforts by engaging existing patients, while expanding your practice’s social media marketing reach. If you’re interested in Pinterest, Social Media Marketing, and what it can do for your dental or orthodontic practice, Ortho Marketing can help. Our expertise in the world of orthodontia and orthodontic marketing makes us the best choice to help with Pinterest and social media marketing. To get started, contact Ortho Marketing today at: (914) 788-1555

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