#NationalHolidays and Your Social Media Strategy

You probably already know that social media gives your practice more exposure than ever before, and how you put it to use is the important part. Using a social media strategy calendar is key in marketing your practice, and will assist in taking it to the next level. Having social media ads and showing off your work just isn’t enough anymore!

Celebrating #NationalTacoDay with your social media followers gives your brand a more human and personal touch, and engages you in a global conversation that is already happening. The more engagements that your posts get, the more exposure they have, resulting in clicks to your website, and potentially starting a conversation with your customer base! (Source)

You should choose the days you celebrate wisely, taking care to focus on the ones that suit your business. For example, if you are an upscale restaurant, you are more likely to celebrate Filet Mignon Day with a promotion, instead of Hamburger Day. (Both fall in the same month!)


The use of social media calendars is a great way to show potential consumers that they’re not just dealing with a company; but rather with real people who share similar interests. Engaging with consumers, establishing a voice, and giving opinions on relevant trends or topics in your market are all things that TOGETHER will allow your company to reach it’s full potential.

There are many tools designed to help your brand stay on trend and assist you in choosing what you put out there! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite yearly calendars that you can use when posting on social media!

1. Twitter’s Major Monthly Events Calendar

2. Awareness Days

3. Days of the Year

4. National Day Calendar

5. Time and Date

If you have any questions about your social media strategy or how Ortho Marketing can help you, contact us to learn more!