Steps to Successful Facebook Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Facebook can be a very strong platform for online marketing if done correctly. Unlike Twitter, on Facebook you can write long posts with tons of links and information to market your business. To create successful and professional marketing for Facebook, follow a few of these simple steps.

-Use fresh and varied kinds of content. Some businesses will stay in the same monotonous lull of information, but to stay on top keep your info varied and it will reflect positively on your business.

-Have an open relationship with your followers. Connect with as many of these people as you can. Also, share information or anecdotes about yourself to create a level of rapport and transparency between you and the customer base.

-Use events and contests to build value in being a follower on your account. You will be able to reach the most customers by having an incentive. Keep the WIIFM rule in mind at all times. You can really capitalize on having an event or contest as a time to engage your audience.

-Build your business’ email list. Every follower on social media should be a member of your email list. Take each follower and make them into a recipient of your emails. Have email be a required piece of information to enter a contest. Once you acquire these interested follower’s emails, you can begin marketing to them via email as well.

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