Tips for Re-Opening Your Orthodontic Practice

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Orthodontist Marketing: Over the last few months, we’ve seen big changes as telemedicine is skyrocketing in use. It’s been a great way for orthodontists to provide virtual consultations with their communities. Now, new patients who are staying at home more can get a professional assessment from home. Ortho Marketing strategies can amplify this outreach.

As more people are at home, they are spending more time online. As they do, many people have the time to reconsider plans for self-improvement. Many of those plans have been put off for years. So, it’s the perfect time to explore the possibility of orthodontic treatment. Thus, they can learn if Invisalign or braces could help them perfect their smiles. Best of all, they can stay safely at home.

When virtual consultation began, many probably thought it would be temporary. However, now it appears that it’s only beginning.

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Virtual Orthodontic Consultations are Here to Stay

Societies all over the world rapidly adapted to the coronavirus pandemic. It changed how we work, socialize, shop, exercise, and take care of our family and our health care. According to a recent Brookings report, online classes are here to stay in the world of education. And according to Forbes, telehealth is also here to stay, with rapid changes in legislation paving the way.

Now, physicians can treat new and existing patients with telemedicine. This new offering has untapped potential. And, as technology evolves, it will become better. Now, virtual consultations are a permanent part of our lives.

Social Distancing is Here to Stay

Likewise, social distancing will continue after re-opening the economy. Health officials believe that Americans will continue social distancing at least until there is a widely available vaccine. For millions of Americans, they may feel more comfortable remaining at home.

So, for orthodontists and other healthcare professionals, it’s a wise move to continue offering virtual consultations. It will also give you a competitive edge as more people come to expect the option.

Share the Ways You’re Safely Re-opening

As dental practices re-open, it’s essential to put your patients at ease. To do so, they need to know the ways you are keeping your practice safe and clean. For most of us, we’ve never experienced a pandemic before. So, everyone needs to know what to expect.

Social media is the perfect place to communicate all the ways you are keeping everyone safe. For example, post a short video or photo to Facebook of you and your staff wearing PPE. Or, show the cleaning crew disinfecting the office. Plus, explain any other steps you’re taking during re-opening. All of this helps send the message that you care and are taking the correct steps to protect your patients. Incorporating orthodontist marketing tactics can enhance this message’s reach.

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Special Offers for Patients During Difficult Times

With over 40 million Americans struggling to find work at the moment, paying for health care is harder than ever. So, it’s a good idea to think about special offers and discounts. Your patients will appreciate that you are helping them get the care they need at a difficult time.

Another option, if possible, is deferring payments. With affordable financing options, your patients can get started on treatment with no down payment. Thus, you can help lessen the burden, as so many of us are not getting our regular paychecks. Again, patients will appreciate that you are going out of your way for them. In return, you are gaining loyal customers who are more likely to recommend you to friends.

Orthodontist Marketing Plan to Attract New Patients

Today, new patients are at home, spending more time on the internet. However, without a marketing plan, they will never see all the steps you are taking for them. Unfortunately, they won’t know they can get a free virtual consultation from home.

Today, it’s critical to get the word out on as many platforms as possible. Not only that, but the content must be optimized to rise to the top in a crowded online world. There is no reason you can’t stand out in the crowd if you take the right steps. Even during these difficult times, there is excellent potential for growth.

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