Twitter Marketing Tips for Your Orthodontic Practice

Twitter has become the most common social media site for small business marketing. A properly managed Twitter account can really create an abundance of growth for your business. Here are a few tips to create more successful Twitter marketing for your business.

1.) Share valuable content through links, but always incorporate your own voice to comment on these links. Consumers will really like the individualized aspect of you commenting on the issues at hand.

2.) Use keywords and valuable hashtags in your tweets. Other businesses and experts search these keywords and it is a great way to become noticed.

3.) Create relationships and engage your audience. Of course the main point of social media is to be SOCIAL with your customers and industry experts. If you engage your customers, you increase brand loyalty by causing people to relate with your business more.

4.) Promote your blog and make backlinks to your website. Sometimes people will overlook this very important action! Remember you are on Twitter to market your practice, so make sure your followers are aware of your practice and what services it provides.

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