Importance of Scheduling Posts on Social Media- Orthodontic Practices

On Social Media, consistency is very important when scheduling posts and building consumer engagement levels. Of course good content and interesting posts is a good place to start, but creating a scheduled regimen to your content will only make things better. If consumers are engaged enough, they will tune into social media to see your scheduled posts at the right times.

Marketers will often find the optimal times to share their information on their own. After a lot of trial and error, you can find the times and frequency to schedule out your posts for optimal share rates. Many online authorities will recommend sharing once every fifteen minutes but this frequency can really vary per every social media account. Its not really wise to just stick to what the experts say because each niche and business is unique so the posting frequency would be different.

Social optimization is often driven by the goal to gain more brand recognition and followers on social media, not to directly drive sales. Be sure to include several images and photos and always include hashtags to refine your post for searches. Orthodontic practices are conventionally not seen as very fun and inviting places, but you have to try and change this pre-conceived notion to the best of your ability.

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