3 Key Social Media Posts Your Patients Should See

1. Appreciation posts.

Honoring a relationship online is an easy way to thank patients for their loyalty to your practice. Your goal should be to create a stream of gratitude that translates to other people (AKA your potential now patients) who may be scrolling their feed and stop when they see a familiar face of someone they know. We have clients who take selfies with patients at the beginning and end of their smile journeys, and those posts do well, but it doesn’t need to stop there – a simple patient spotlight is just as valuable!

Action step: Take a photo with a patient today! Simply post it or queue up content to shoutout someone once a week! (BONUS: Click here to access 3 FREE templates you can use for your social media! Simply upload your own patient photos to customize!)

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2. Community-building shoutouts.

For example, Dr. Barry Glaser’s accounts began community shoutouts back in April to highlight businesses that were going above and beyond to help residents during the Coronavirus Pandemic. This helped establish his practice as a caring member of the community.

Action step: Tagging businesses in both social posts and Instagram stories offers those businesses an easy way to return the favor to your practice.

3. The human side of your practice.

Birthdays, baby showers, work anniversaries… These are interestingly the events that receive the most likes and comments when they are showcased online. What does this mean for your practice? Higher reach and engagement. In fact, these personal posts perform better than some of the more polished and produced content that we develop for clients.

Action step: Look through your camera roll and find a photo that makes you smile! Or if you’re in the office, gather everyone for a group shot. Be relaxed, be silly, and most importantly, be yourself>

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In conclusion, people are more vocal than ever before with the help of social media, and they’re undoubtedly spending more time than ever utilizing it! Presenting your practice (and the patients who love you) in a positive light can serve you well, especially as you reopen your doors during these strange new times.