Social Media Daily Tasks for Orthodontic Practices

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ all great places to start for your business on social media. However, having lots of accounts can be hard to manage and keep up with. Here is a short list of a few Daily Tasks you must perform to keep up with your accounts.

-Reply to any messages, comments or concerns voiced over social media from any of your patients. When people are putting in the effort to tell you about something, good or bad, you should still respond to them. Be timely about your responses as well, it can mean the difference between retaining a patient and losing one.

-Post fresh content that will be of interest to your followers. Fresh, daily content is a great way to build engagement from followers on your social media pages.

-Connect with current followers, gain new ones. Aim to gain at least 2 new followers everyday and connect with your current followers to keep them loyal and interested with your practice.

-Check your account management tools to view your statistics on traffic to your account. You can often use these statistics to see if your marketing is working for you. You should monitor your statistics pretty often so can record when they rise and fall based on your marketing actions.

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