Content Marketing Through a Blog for Your Orthodontic Practice

Content marketing is unquestionably a contemporary idea being thrown around by a ton of businesses today. Experts are always saying that content marketing is essential in building an online brand identity via company website or social media. However, not many people talk about how to make content marketing work.

First, you must have a plan to create successful content marketing. Have a strong strategy or plan for success. Have an idea of how many new patients per month that you want your blog to generate for you. Have a precise number of scheduled blogs that you will produce per week. Be consistent with what you are producing. Keep track on your conversion rates based off of the blogs you are creating.

Learn what your clients like and want out of your blog posts. You may think that your blog is really interesting, well written and informative but what YOU think does not matter. You are making the blogs for your patients after all. Always have a comment section and send surveys for feedback every once in a while to hear back from patients about the quality of your blog.

Market your blogs. Once you post, the marketing begins. How do you market your blogs? Your social media pages now become a crucial part of your marketing. Create links for your blogs on social media and connect with your patients about your blogs.

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