SMS Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Nearly every American has a mobile device that they use very, very frequently. SMS Marketing or Text Message Marketing is highly effective for short term marketing. What does short term marketing mean?

Keep it short in both length of the text message, and time frame of the text message. Do not send a text about something that will occur in several weeks time. In other words, keep it short and relevant.

Your texts should connect with your email marketing. The vast majority of people have their phone on them at all times, so very often you should send a text message teaser to increase email open rates.

You should also send out text messages that simply update customers on a personalized level about some product or service they ordered. Send a message confirming a purchase or confirming that it has shipped for example.

Send out reminders of appointments or scheduled events as well, to ensure that your customer base is fully aware of all transactions and events.

SMS text messaging is undoubtedly a great way to connect with customers about quick, yet important information. For more information contact Ortho Marketing Pros at (914)788-1555.