Why Should Your Website Offer Live Chat?

Live chat support holds massive amounts of untapped potential for orthodontic offices. This function is growing in popularity due to high rates of patient satisfaction, ease of use for practices, and so much more. Take a look at these reasons why you need live chat on your website:


73% of consumers said that they are highly satisfied after using a live chat, higher than any other form of customer support, including email, social media, and phone. Why? Because it’s convenient and efficient. The most popular times for potential patients to browse your website is after office hours, so your staff won’t be able to answer a call or reply to an email until the next morning. By that time your potential patient may have moved on. The live chat function allows a real person to answer any questions potential patients might have about the orthodontic services you offer and the technicalities of orthodontics. This quick, reliable response has a huge success rate of turning website visitors into patients.


By cutting down on employee task time and phone expenses, live chat is extremely economically efficient. Since your staff will be spending less time on the phone answering questions, they can dedicate their time to in-practice tasks, and leave the question-answering to your live chat representatives.


The results are in: the live chat function has the potential to show a double-digit increase in converted website visits. 62% of consumers are more likely to follow through with a website visit if live chat support is available. In fact, one orthodontic practice of ours received 30+ leads in one month as a result of their live chat function. The key is that a live chat representative can walk the potential patient through anything they have questions about, and then personally guide them to your “schedule a consultation” form. When you have someone to hold their hand through the process, the visit is much more likely to turn into a patient.


Recent studies are showing that the percent of orthodontic practices using live chat features is negligible. That means that by implementing this accessible feature with us, you gain a huge edge on your competition. One chat success story went as follows:

Someone was visiting our site and asked me to tell him what we did better than our competitors.

I asked in return “Where you able to chat with any of them today online?”.

He said “no :)”, signed up, and paid for our service that day.


Don’t waste this huge opportunity to bring in new patients. Ortho Marketing can set up your website with a live chat function that will encourage potential patients to follow through after visiting your practice’s website. To find out more about getting live chat support for your website with Ortho Marketing, give us a call at: 914-788-1555

The team at Ortho Marketing are the experts in orthodontic marketing. Ortho Marketing serves orthodontic practices on the international level. If you have any questions pertaining to video testimonials, website design, social media marketing, SEO, reputation management, Google Adwords, or PPC campaigns, or would like to get started marketing your orthodontic practice, contact Ortho Marketing at: 914-788-1555

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