3 Reasons Your Orthodontic Practice Should Have an Online Poll

Online polls through external survey websites or through social media are becoming more popular business tools by the day. In order to ask important questions to your customer base, your orthodontic practice should make use of an online survey. Facebook already has the ability for Page Admins to create a survey, and you could also use one of the many other sites out there and send the survey through your email list. So why make a survey? Here are 3 important reasons why a survey could become an invaluable service to gauge patient interests and concerns.

1.) Generates web traffic. Your patients like giving their opinion, especially when it is about an important service such as orthodontic work. As long as you keep your polls relatively short, interesting and convenient for patients to use, then your polls will be used often and many people will participate. You will have more traffic to your website, and more patients will get a better look at the products or services you offer after exploring your site.

2.) A survey builds your relationship with patients. By offering a survey, you are showing that you truly do care what your loyal patients have to say. In turn, your patients appreciate that you are interested in hearing what they have to say. Consumers will be very pleased with the two way communication.

3.) Free feedback. The most important part of an online poll is the free and honest feedback you will receive from your patients. Learn what’s working for your practice, and more importantly- what’s not working. Learn what your patients want, and make changes accordingly to please your patients and create the most positive experience possible. Mobile websites or apps are a great medium for online surveys, as they are convenient and can be completed on the go.

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