Email Lists for Orthodontists: Quality over Quantity

Email lists are a very important aspect of managing your patient base. An effective email list will routinely touch base with your patients informing them of any changes or developments within the practice. The effectiveness of an email list is largely based on how the emails in that list were acquired. The email list should not only include current customers, but customers who have not used your services yet, but have shown interest. If your practice is using an email list where the majority of those emails were bought or borrowed from another business, your emails are likely just being deleted or ignored. There is no sense sending emails about your practice to people who have never heard of it.

Your emails need to be acquired by permission from your prospective patients. These people will have shown interest in using your services so they are far more likely to ultimately become your patients. Additionally, you need update your email list every year if not more often. The value of those on your email list degrade 22.5% yearly, meaning if 100% were interested when the emails started only 77.5% will remain interested after the first year. That’s more than 1 in 5 people losing interest which is actually quite significant. In order to minimize the amount of worthless emails you are sending, you must update the contacts on your email list. Create quality contacts as opposed to building a list of several thousand people you know will never email back.

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