LinkedIn Social Media Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Aside from being an important professional network that all doctors should be active on, LinkedIn provides great marketing opportunities as well. First, if you do not have a profile, make one. Make as many worthwhile connections as possible. Then, join LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to the orthodontic industry.

In the groups, look at various discussion topics and see what is generating all the buzz in your industry. Make your own individual content that holds high value to those reading it. Posting at least twice a month is a good place to start.

Continually producing good quality content will draw more users to your LinkedIn page. Also, always include back links to your website thus routing more traffic to your site.

Engage industry experts through the content you produce. You can form partnerships with these experts and really benefit from their insight and knowledge. You can also use the strength of these experts to market your content and expand your reach. Never ask for shares from people. If your content is good enough, it will be shared.

Build your mailing list through LinkedIn as well. Many groups will have an active list of emails, but you can also just acquire the email from professionals that you reach out to. And of course, engage readers throughout the comments to build camaraderie with others. Get active on groups pertaining to orthodontics and orthodontic support to build awareness of your practice.

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