Using Social Media to Build your Email List for Orthodontic Practices

Social media is stronger than ever. Thousands of new accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are being created every single day making these platforms outstanding marketing opportunities. By connecting with many individuals over social media, you can build your email list and broaden your marketing reach. To acquire those emails that are vital to your marketing success, just follow a few of these simple steps.

1.) Build strong contests with even stronger incentives. When your practice makes a contest on social media, be involved. Promote your contest, and actively answer any questions or complaints regarding your contest. Additionally, have a great incentive. People will only give their email if the contest is of real interest to them. If the incentive wouldn’t interest you, its a bad incentive. Keep in mind that your incentive will directly influence the amount of emails yielded from your contest.

2.) Add a countdown application to create a sense of urgency and demand attention. Any regular Facebook user sees contests all the time, but you need to make yours stand out.

3.) Have an easy and accessible opt in form. Make sure that it is VERY easy for a potential patient to input their email and information in your contest formatting. Keep in mind, consumers are aware that their chances of winning your contest are pretty low so if its at all difficult to enter the contest, they will very likely give up on entering.

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