Why is SEO a Necessity for your Orthodontic Practice

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of attaining higher placement on Google results pages through online marketing techniques such as blogging and creating landing pages. Many people understand what SEO is, but do not understand the critical importance of being visible for online marketing purposes.

The vast majority of prospective patients will Google a specific practice or type of service before ever going to the business. If your business cannot be easily found through Google searches, your competition will certainly have an advantage over you. Don’t lose any business to your competitors so this should be a primary reason for you to create an SEO strategy today.

Additionally, higher placement on Google result pages will reflect more highly on the quality of your practice. Businesses that are consistently on the top of Google results will appear to be more professional, better run businesses because of the frequency in which they are on top. A good, well run business will be complimented by high ranking Google results.

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