Tips for Better Customer Relation Strategy on Social Media for Your Orthodontic Practice

Social media functions as an open forum of discussion between a business and its customers. Or in the case of an orthodontic practice, a discussion between doctor and patient. On this open forum, patients very often will voice concern, complaints or distaste for various aspects of the practice. This is where having a customer relation strategy already in place will pay off. Customer Relation Management or CRM, is the strategy a business will use to manage relations with customers that are active on social media. Customer relations is a huge part of business that will either draw more customers back or push customers away.

-Choose one primary platform to do most customer support discussions. Comments and concerns should be kept separate from other channels where marketing is the primary concern.

-Prioritize and stay on top of questions and complaints. All customers on social media have the potential to hurt your business if you do not resolve their complaint in a proper manner. Deal with issues in keeping in mind that time is short in responding to the patients complaints. Don’t just bet on the patient being relaxed and calm about dealing with the issue. They may in fact be very indignant about the issue they are having.

-Measure your data and keep records of all issues you respond to. As data accumulates look at how quickly you respond to your patients on average. Look at the kind of responses you get from patients based on how quickly you respond and what kind of incentives you offer to resolve the issue. Learn what works and what does not. There is always going to be exceptions, but generally dealing with patients issues will have some sort of recognizable formula or pattern after awhile.

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