Steps to Rebrand Your Orthodontic Practice

Making your business unique and individual is essential to developing a strong community. As a business evolves and grows, the state of your business may no longer reflect what you had originally branded your business as. This could be a clear sign that the time has come to rebrand. A rebranding of your business is a large undertaking regardless of the size of your business. You should always consult with a professional for optimal results, but here I will provide a few steps that will aid in your process.

– Identify the image you want to use for your business in the rebranding process. Not an image like a picture, but the image that you want your business and brand to project on the consumer. Do you want to rebrand yourself as a patriotic, adventurous company like Jeep Automobiles may be considered, or as a contemporary, high end, groundbreaking business like Tesla Motors could be seen. These are all examples of business that have successfully branded themselves and your practice should model your branding process after them.

– Explain your story. Your branding process should be used to refine and distinguish your practice from the rest. By explaining your story, your mission and your vision, you are making your business more individual, and memorable.

– Act on your ideas for your business. Once you have thought of a new design, brand concept and methods for running your practice, don’t be afraid to act on it. Don’t worry about your vision not working for your business, because there is high probability it will work. It is much more harmful to keep your practice branded in a manner that does not match where you are now.

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