3 Content Marketing Tips for Your Orthodontic Practice

1.) Use Images Very Frequently. While much of SEO is based on text that search engines can process, visual content is much more appealing for human readers. Audiences are naturally wired to be more engaged with visual content, as 90 percent of the information that comes to the brain is visual. A survey of marketers from MarketingSherpa found that images were the easiest form of content to produce. Create infographics with the research that’s already being done for content, or outsource creation to include on a blog. Keep visitors engaged and scrolling by adding still images or animated GIFs to written content.

2.) Another easy way to create consistently high-quality content is to create videos. Seventy-eight percent of people say they watch online video every week, and 55 percent say they watch every day. Starting a video blog isn’t expensive or time-consuming. Short videos are the easiest to digest, and simple to shoot with a personal webcam. Video blogs require minimal editing, if at all, and can be posted immediately to YouTube.

3.) Find out what works for your practice by testing a variety of marketing techniques. Try all different permutations of marketing schemes and eventually, you will find one that suits your business perfectly. Once you have found a formula that is really working, stick with it.

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