Build User Engagement with Your Orthodontic Blog

No matter how interesting your blog is to you, it is essential that you create user engagement with your readers.

-Create valuable content.Your customers are evaluating your brand through your website every minute. Reward them with high value content for visiting you.

Gone are the days when content was king. Today, great content rules the online world.

-Ask for feedback. If you’re clueless about your audience’s likes and dislikes, why not ask them? You can do it by organizing online polls and surveys for free.

Even if you do know your audience inside-out, running regular surveys will help you keep a tab on the latest in terms of what interests them right now.

By the way, when was the last time you had a survey?

-Ask smart questions. The human brain works in fascinating ways. When someone asks you a question, your brain will try its best to answer, even if it has no clue what the answer might be. We love filling gaps and unanswered questions make us feel restless.

Ask smart and simple questions at the end of your content that provoke a response in the readers, such as “Do you agree or disagree?”

-Accept negative criticism. Don’t be afraid to publish negative comments. If a comment is negative or written in disagreement, read through it first. Identify whether it is a well-reasoned, objective comment. Don’t just delete it because not every reader is a troll (although you need to separate the wheat from the chaff).

You may be getting a lot of negative comments or emails (perhaps you’re publishing a lot of controversial posts?). Embrace them, take time to reply to each one and respectfully disagree.

Remember, you cannot please everyone, but you’re still making waves with your content. You’re still keeping them engaged and curious about what’s next.

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