3 Tips to Have Better Email Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Marketing is all about making connections between a business and an individual. Email is still one of the leading methods for a practice to contact a potential patient. To become a master at email marketing, you can start by following a few simple tips…

1.) Differentiate yourself from spammers. How? Be authentic and use your real name and real email address. You will right away come off as far more personal and your message will appear more important. To build a social community there needs to be communication. These emails that look like noreply@…… will never work because they do not build on communication.

2.) Have clear and direct subject lines. While smart subject lines can be interesting, they are also very often found to be confusing. While a consumer is quickly scanning through their emails they aren’t going to take the time and try and figure out your subject line, they’ll just skip the email. Be direct and if people are interested, they will open it.

3.) Urge them to take one desired action. Many email marketers will fill their emails with questions, demands, requests and more. No matter how authentic, these emails will still be treated like spam. Have one action in mind when sending these emails. Ask only one thing of your recipient. If you aren’t too pushy consumers will feel much more comfortable with your message.

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