5 Ways to Create a Memorable and Unique Brand for your Practice

In this post, we’ll look at 5 ways to create a memorable and unique brand for your practice. By using these techniques and others, you can help develop a strong positive association with your work. As you do, people will come to seek your dental practice out as the go-to authority in the area.

Of course, no formula will work for every business. Instead, it’s all about being authentic, being you, and showcasing what sets you apart. First, start with knowing what your company values most. Then, remain consistent as you share content showcasing those values across online platforms.

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Focus on What Sets You Apart

In a sea of competition, sharing content that fully shows off what makes your practice unique goes a long way to creating a memorable brand. For example, do you want your patients to know your focus on making them feel like one of an extended family? Then, talking about your dedication to personalized care and making sure patients are comfortable are perfect ways to set your brand apart.

Or, perhaps, your practice offers a service or technology that sets you apart from competitors in your area? Focusing on how your practice can provide patients with unique benefits can be an ideal way to make them remember you.

Zero in on what your patients love about your business, and then promote it like crazy.


Show Your Human Side

To be memorable, you have to connect with the emotions and show your sense of humor and human touch. When it comes to dental practices, there are ample opportunities to do just this. For example, share funny photos of your happy, smiling patients and staff on social media. Or, discuss a charitable event that you took part in as a company. For another example, perhaps you can share a funny story or joke and have a sense of fun.

Showing everyone that you are caring, relatable, and have your funny moments helps create interest in your unique brand.


Engaging, Consistent Social Media Posts

When you are busy focusing on providing the best care, taking time out for posting on social media and the web can seem unimportant. However, billions of people are seeking out social media every month, and it’s only growing. Now, people will often check on social media to see if a business is reputable and meets their needs and expectations.

As more people are using social media, the way patients refer others to your practice has changed. Now, they will post reviews online and share content from your social media as a referral for their friends and family. In turn, you can interact with and respond to inquiries and feedback. Also, with social media advertising, you can easily amplify reach in your area.

As you can see, you can’t afford to miss out on the many benefits of an active and engaging social media presence.

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A Stunning Responsive Website

For any memorable brand, a stunning website is a must today. Plus, that will only become more true as telemedicine and virtual consultations are becoming the norm. In just seconds, prospective and current patients get an impression based on your website. Thus, sending the right messages with helpful content and a strongly branded visual identity is essential.

Knowing how to create the perfect website for dental practices is our specialty at Ortho Marketing. Let us help you ensure your patients get the message you intend.

A Unique Informative Blog

In addition to social media, having a unique blog is a great way to share helpful information in a casual, conversational way. By combining pictures and video content with engaging writing, you can present customers with something they will value, appreciate, and remember. Thus, you can inexpensively build your brand as you drive more traffic to your website.

As many as 80 percent of companies that use blogging have reported finding new customers as a result. If you post blogs consistently, you also help your company stand out from your competitors on search engines like Google. In addition, blog posts create more opportunities for others to share your content and build your reputation as an authority online.

These are 5 ways to create a memorable and unique brand for your practice. Of course, there are so many more important ways to stand out from the crowd. Talk to the experts at Ortho Marketing for a free consultation today.

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