Why Isn’t Tele-Orthodontics Working For Your Practice?

Telemedicine has quickly become the norm today. However, some of you may be wondering, “Why isn’t tele-orthodontics working for your practice?” How can that be when there could be 1 billion telehealth interactions by the end of 2020?

CNBC recently reported that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrust telemedicine “to the forefront of the hard-hit health-care industry.” That’s putting it mildly as the telehealth industry is exploding in growth. And, that growth may rise from $45 billion last year to $175 billion by 2026.

However, without taking the right approach to tele-orthodontics, you could be underwhelmed. Let’s look at how you can maximize the responses. Keep in mind; there is no shortage of people looking for telemedicine at this time. Therefore, it’s all about raising awareness about virtual consultations.

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Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

We know. For busy orthodontists, there is little time to consider marketing. However, today it’s more important than ever. Today, more people spending time at home and online. So, to reach them, you must have a strong tele-orthodontics messaging campaign in full effect. Then, you’ll see the results as more new patients contact you for a virtual consultation. From there, you can see your calendar filling in with appointments.

Get the Word Out

Sure. Many new patients may seek you out from referrals. However, word of mouth is far less likely as people practice social distancing quietly at home. Importantly, as telemedicine is skyrocketing, the way referrals are happening is also changing. Today, new patients are more likely to seek out recommendations online.

Next, we’ll look at some ways to get the word out. Instead of asking, “Why isn’t tele-orthodontics working for your practice?” you might be asking, “Why didn’t I try this before?”

Website Updates

Probably, you’ve posted a message to your website about tele-orthodontic information. However, are people seeing it on your home page? We recommend posting the information front and center on your website homepage as well as services pages. Unfortunately, people are busier than ever and only have seconds to get the memo. So, it’s essential to spotlight your new tele-orthodontics services.


Communicate on Multiple Platforms

For many dental professionals, social media, blogs, and marketing emails may seem of secondary importance. However, 1.73 billion people use social media like Facebook every day. Today, social media is where new patients look for referrals and a quick read of what your practice is all about.

So, it’s a great idea to share posts on as many social media platforms as possible. There, it’s easy to post content or create a short video about tele-orthodontics offerings. Also, it’s a great way to show your patients how much you care. By offering virtual consultations, they can stay safe at home, and they will appreciate and remember it. Then, they’ll be more inclined to schedule their first appointment and possibly, refer a friend.

Blogs and Email Campaigns

In addition to social media posts, a current blog and emails are other great ways to get the word out. Notably, a blog is a great way to provide detailed information engagingly. Since blog posts are easily shared, the content can expand your reach with minimal effort or cost. Similarly, an email list is another cost-effective way to expand reach as you share the latest info.

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Hire an Experienced Marketing Company to Do It for You!

If all of this marketing talk has you feeling overwhelmed, then it might be time to make the experts part of your team. At Ortho Marketing, we have over 20 years of specialized marketing for dental professionals. Our team of experts provides personalized service with a focus on highlighting what makes your practice unique. Thus, instead of disappearing in the vast online frontier, new patients will find out about you, not your competition.

For more, see our recent blog posts about attracting new patients and the rapidly growing world of virtual orthodontics.

We at Ortho Marketing are here to help you with all aspects of marketing your orthodontic or dental practice. For a free consultation, call us anytime at 914.788.1555.

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